Amazing Youtube channels to follow for your daily Bitcoin updates!

1. Bitcoin Official:

Adam Guerbuez AKA MikeTheMug is your host for this informative yet very entertaining Youtube channel.

2. Decentralized TV:

Decentralized TV is a great source of the lastest developments in Blockchain, Crypto and ICO space.

3. É Hora do Trade:

E Hora do Trade is Portugese channel based out Brazil which helps in analysing price variations and taking trade decisions.

4. Bitcoin Expert India:

Bitcoin Expert India is a one stop channel for news, analysis, tips on dealing with Bitcoins for people of Indian subcontinent.

5. BTC Sessions:

BTC Sessions’s Ben is not from a technical background making his informative videos simple, grounded and useful.

6. Bitcoin for Beginners:

As is evident from the name, Bitcoin for Beginners is a good introduction to cryptos for beginners but not restricted to them.

7. Bitcoin Moeda:

This is another great channel from Brazil which informs its viewers of great products and also the technical know how of Bitcoins.

8. Nerd Bitcoin:

Mr. Nerd Bitcoin(that’s how he introduces himselves) talks about latest crypto products, technical analysis and everything crypto.

9. Doug Polk Crypto:

Doug Polk Crypto is the myth-buster of crypto world. You can hear him for hours and won’t get bored.

10. Global Rashid:

Global Rashid’s popular Hindi Youtube channel educates its viewers regarding the latest happening in a simple understandable language.

11. Bitcoin Geekend:

This is a channel largely dedicated to love of technical analysis of various cryptocurrencies.

12. Amit Jain Bitcoin:

Mr. Amit’s Hindi channel covers everything tech with a special focus on Bitcoins but not limited to it.

13. BitSizeBitcoin:

BiteSizeBitcoin is a great channel for every geek from Bitcoins to ofcourse consipracy theories.

14. Marcos Tutoriais:

Mr. Marcos’ tutorials are not boring lecture but instead a great into to latest happenings to the price and also upcomings ICOs.

15. Michael Crypto:

This channel is the creation of Mr. Michael which also has the words Freedom & Adventure in its name along with Bitcoin. Very informative.

16. Bitcoin RS:

Crypto tips, ICOs, Trading analysis and crypto products is what Bitcoin RS is all about.

17. focuses on understanding the political scenarios and other socia factors influencing Bitcoins and viceversa.

18. BitcoinChannel:

Although not regularly updated, this channel can make you aware of how cryptos are changing the world.

19. Bitcoin Indonesia:

This famous Indonesian channel has short and simple videos on various crypto tools, ICOs, tips and various other things.

(Note: The views expressed in these videos are of the video creator. Blockonomics doesn’t necessarily support everything that is said in them.)