Dynamic Transaction fee wizard

Watch only wallet blockonomics now includes a dynamic transaction fee wizard. This can be used to get suggestion of transaction fee to use before spending bitcoins from your wallet. Works with any bitcoin wallet that can export out a list of addresses. BTC fee suggestions are given for 10min/30min/60 min confirmation time.

Blockonomics uses bitcoin addresses/xpub to get txouts and estimate the transaction size. According to transaction size, fee estimate for different confirmation times is given. No need to worry about security of wallet, as private keys need not be revealed.

Simple instructions of how to use the fee wizard:

  • Login to blockonomics wallet watcher, its easy to login as guest, as no registration is required
  • Goto Address Watcher tab and delete any existing addresses
  • Add bitcoin addresses/xpub from your wallet. To export addresses out blockchain.info wallet following instructions here. You can tag addresses to group them under single account
  • Goto Dashboard and check balance, it should match your wallet balance, if the balance is not matching you may have missed few addresses. Try to import the missing ones
  • Goto Tx Fee tab, and enter the amount you are thinking of spending. Transaction fee suggestions are shown for different confirmation times
  • Cheers to fast and cheap bitcoin transactions !