How to Accept Bitcoin on Thirty Bees

Bitcoin offers a unique and efficient way to receive payment for your products and services online. Now it's easier than ever to accept Bitcoin on your Thirty Bees store! Follow the instructions below, and soon you’ll be all set up to receive Bitcoin and have greater control over your profits. If you prefer a video version, check it out here:

Its really easy to install and use, here’s how:

1. Download and install the .zip file

First, download file from the Thirty Bees addon store, but don’t unzip it! After that’s downloaded, go over to the admin view of your Thirty Bees store, go to the “Modules and Services” tab, and click Add New Module to upload it!

Upload the file here!

2. Set up the extension

The next step is to ensure the extension is set up. As soon as the file is uploaded, click on “Install” on the screen that pops up. That screen will provide you with a link to the Merchants page for the next step.

Hit on Configure…
…then click on Blockonomics Merchants

3. Set up your XPub key on Blockonomics

Now, head over to the Blockomics Merchant Page in another tab and click Get Started for Free. You’ll have to create an account.

Blockonomics Sign up…

After successful login, head over to Stores -> Add New Store

Enter the xPub key of the bitcoin wallet where you wish to receive customer payments. [Instructions on finding the xPub Key are available on the same page]

You can also add a Tag [not mandatory] for your store. It’s sort of like an identifier, it can help you locate the right store in case you have multiple stores.

Click Save Changes.

Enter xPub Key!

4. Paste your API key into Thirty Bees

The last step!

In the same Blockonomics merchant page as Step 3, copy the API Key displayed in the top field.

Copy this…

Paste it into the API key slot in Thirty Bees.

…and paste it here!

After that, save it, hit “Test Setup,” and BAM, you’re all set to accept Bitcoin on your shop! Happy selling!