How to Use Bitcoin Ad Networks

Bitcoin ad networks are a niche online advertising service that brings together website publishers and advertisers who want to promote bitcoin- or cryptocurrency-related websites. As with other online advertising networks, publishers provide ad space on their websites, and advertisers pay to use that space.

These services often, but not always, pay publishers in the form of bitcoin. Many networks will also require no ID or bank information from publishers or advertisers.

Below, we’ll cover the hows and whys of using bitcoin ad networks to make money from advertising or to promote your crypto-related service.

Why Use Bitcoin Ad Networks?

If you’ve worked with traditional online ad networks like Google Ads, you already have a decent sense of what bitcoin ads look like. You’ll have fewer — or no — targeting options, but you will have a more guaranteed audience and a limited range of the kinds of websites your ads will appear on. Your audience is almost guaranteed to be interested in topics like cryptocurrency and technology.

In general, you will have fewer advertising options. You should expect most bitcoin ad networks to limit you to variations on the banner ad. Some ad networks, like Cointraffic, will allow advertisers to serve press releases and native advertisements to certain websites.

So why use bitcoin ad networks? With advertising services related to bitcoin or cryptocurrency, you have somewhat of a captive audience. Major ad networks like Google Ads don’t allow advertising for cryptocurrency- or bitcoin-related services. And not all social media platforms will allow advertising that relates to crypto.

Bitcoin ad networks are guaranteed to both allow bitcoin- and crypto-related ads, and have the benefit of serving those ads to the audience that will find them the most compelling.

Cryptocurrency ad networks have other advantages over traditional networks. You may also want to use a crypto ad network because they are less likely to ask for your personal information when you sign up to work with them. Networks will rarely, if ever, require a copy of your ID or bank number. You’ll be able to keep your information more private than you would with a traditional ad network.

With bitcoin ad networks, you’ll also be more likely to reach a younger audience. Millennials and members of generation Z are the most likely to invest in bitcoin and, as a result, are some of the most frequent browsers of bitcoin-related sites. When combined with other methods used to target millennials, bitcoin ad networks can be effective in connecting you to a younger audience.

How to Use Bitcoin Ad Networks

Bitcoin ad networks work similarly to traditional ad networks — you sign up and register your ad campaign or website. If approved, your ad campaign will begin circulating, or your website will start serving ads.

As an advertiser, you might have a higher buy-in cost for your ad campaigns. As a publisher, you should expect to get paid in bitcoin. A few networks will pay in Euros, instead, and typically over PayPal. There may be a minimum withdrawal amount that requires a specific number of ad clicks or views before you can cash out your earnings.

When you create ads, expect to spend less time awaiting approval than you would with a traditional ad network.

While these networks serve ads to bitcoin- and crypto-related websites, they won’t do so for every website that applies. Most of these networks won’t work with sites they consider low-quality, fraudulent or bitcoin “faucets.” Popular network Bitmedia, for example, will deny a website if it is difficult to navigate or uses features like arrows to draw user attention to ads.

If a website’s Alexa rating is too low, that may also be good enough reason for a bitcoin ad network to deny a website’s request to advertise.

Bitcoin Investors Can Benefit From Bitcoin Ad Networks

Bitcoin ad networks are an excellent way to advertise your products or services if they relate to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

When working with bitcoin ad networks, you will have fewer targeting options and less choice when it comes to ad format.

However, you will also be able to keep your information more private, and be more likely to have your ads served to an audience that’s younger and almost undoubtedly interested in cryptocurrency.