Top 3 Web hosting businesses that accept bitcoin payments

Reseller hosting is a very competitive business. To stand out in the current scenario, businesses need to offer more than 24*7 support, low prices and high up times.

Fulfilling expectations is the key to growth and one of the things which a lot of customers are expecting these days is the ability to pay in Bitcoins. Doing this is not only free of cost but will also save a ton on your payment fee expenses.

Besides this, the traditional payment methods are failing businesses constantly. Sub-forums related to payments on the popular platform Webhostingtalk are full of such complains:

Many of the early crypto adopters being proper techies, it makes a lot of sense for WHMCS businesses to start accepting Bitcoins. Also, they directly address all the issues of the traditional payments methods.

WHMCS’ success as a webhosting billing system (80% marketshare) could be attributed to it being an open platform where developers can provide integrations in the marketplace.

Blockonomics launched its WHMCS integration in the marketplace a few months ago and is now facilitating Bitcoin payments for a number of WHMCS businesses. We got in touch with our clients to get their feedback on how accepting Bitcoins has helped them increase their revenues and here are a few:


Namesilo is one of the well known names of the industry which offers domains at perhaps the lowest possible price and are able to offer such low prices due to their focus on domains and nothing else. They provide a number of enhanced security options to help protect your domain name assets and many powerful tools are available for managing your domain portfolio.

2. has one of the best bulletproof hosting with the great data security, fast SSD devices and quick Windows VPS setup with 24*7 support. Bitcoin payments which constitutes more than 30% of their revenue. Mr. Mark of believes that Bitcoin has given them an independence which lacked before and this has increased the ease of doing business.

3. Oblivionhosts

Oblivion Hosts provides Quality, Premium, Offshore and Bulletproof Web Hosting & Other Hosting Services, that helps people easily get their websites and or Business online. Their shared hosting plans are reliable, scalable and affordable

In our conversations with our clients, we see a clear spike in revenues after accepting Bitcoin payments. If you are use WHMCS and are looking to get started with Bitcoin payments, here is a blog which can get your started. Or feel free to chat with our team to know more details.