Blockonomics Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Who would not like to wake up to some extra bitcoin simply by recommending a company? But how? Answer: Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Blockonomics Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Blockonomics’ Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Who would not like to wake up to some extra bitcoin simply by recommending a company? But how do you do so?

Answer: Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin Affiliate Programs are a great way to earn some passive income by bringing in customers to a company.

There are many affiliate programs within the cryptocurrency space that offer bitcoin as a commission to its affiliate users.

In this blog, we will be looking at the Blockonomics Affiliate Program.

What is Blockonomics?

Blockonomics is one of the leading names within the crypto space offering a host of services to this community.

One of its leading products is the bitcoin payment gateway which allows merchants globally to accept BTC payments on their website.

Some salient features about the payment gateway:

Since its launch in 2015, Blockonomics has helped 10,000+ merchants to accept bitcoin payments on their webstore.

Blockonomics has stayed true to the vision of cryptocurrency by offering a truly private and borderless payment solution to online merchants.

How does the Blockonomics Affiliate Program work?

They offer an attractive affiliate program that lets you earn a 30% commission on the fees paid by your referred customer to Blockonomics.

For instance, let’s say one of your referred merchants receives $10,000 in payments.

  • Fees paid to Blockonomics = $100 (1% of total payments received)
  • Your referral commission = $30 (30% of fees paid to Blockonomics)

Which means that you stand a chance to earn a recurring passive income from every referred merchant that uses the service.

Blockonomics has offered $3,500 in affiliate commission to its users since July 2020.

How do I sign up for the program?

Once you sign up on the platform, head on over to the ‘Referrals’ sections.

Here you will see your unique referral link, which looks something like this:

You can share this link with anyone online.

You also have an option to display banners on your website with your unique referral link.

Once one of your referred merchants starts receiving payments, you will get a 30% commission on the payment fee.

The referral revenue can be either sent to the bitcoin wallet of your choice or used as Blockonomics Fees, your choice…

Find out more about the Blockonomics Affiliate Program here.


Let's have a look at some of the popular affiliate programs within the blockchain space and how Blockonomics compares to them:


Blockonomics Affiliate Program is a great way to earn a passive income while also helping increase bitcoin’s merchant adoption.

With a generous referral commission of 30%, it offers one of the best commission rates available in the industry.

The signup is easy and does not require any pre-approval which means you can get started in no time. Simply share the link and sit back…

All in all, it's a great program with a transparent model.

Sign up for the affiliate program now!