Case Study: How a PHP Developer Advocates for Bitcoin Payments with Blockonomics

This case study explores how Daniel, a PHP developer from Nigeria, uses Blockonomics to integrate Bitcoin payments into his projects.

Case Study: How a PHP Developer Advocates for Bitcoin Payments with Blockonomics


In web development, adopting innovative payment solutions can enhance a business's reach and operations globally. This case study explores how Daniel, a PHP developer from Nigeria, uses Blockonomics to integrate Bitcoin payments into his projects.

His experience sheds light on the growing relevance of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin payments, in e-commerce. He also shows how developers can advocate for Bitcoin payments to grow the businesses of their clients.


Daniel is a seasoned web developer specializing in creating websites for a diverse clientele. Daniel recognized early on that many businesses faced issues with traditional payment gateways. Traditional payment methods, while reliable, come with their own set of limitations. Some of their disadvantages include:

  • High transaction fees
  • Geographical limits
  • Slow payment confirmations

Daniel began exploring alternative solutions that could offer more freedom and flexibility for his clients. He began to explore Bitcoin as a viable alternative. His search led him to Blockonomics, a leading payment gateway that facilitates Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transactions. These are some of the Blockonomics features that made it an ideal choice for his clients:

  • It was noncustodial, meaning, they did not hold your funds- the funds go directly to your wallet
  • There was ‘no KYC’ policy that protected user privacy
  • They were fast and reliable
  • Low transaction fees
  • Easy integration with websites

The Challenge

Daniel faced skepticism and resistance from clients unfamiliar with or uncertain about the benefits of accepting Bitcoin payments. The challenge lies in changing the mindset of business owners accustomed to conventional payment methods.

The Solution

Blockonomics emerged as a fitting solution for Daniel’s needs, offering a direct payment gateway that didn’t need traditional financial intermediaries. It allowed transactions to be processed directly to the client's wallet, enhancing security for both the customer and the business. Daniel decided to integrate Blockonomics into client projects, enabling them to accept payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Finding a reliable Bitcoin payment processor with Blockonomics, only half of the race was won. Now what was left was to get his clients onboard with accepting Bitcoin payments.

Here’s how Daniel went about convincing his clients to consider accepting Bitcoin payments with Blockonomics:

Educating the Client

Daniel began by educating his clients about the benefits of cryptocurrencies, including lower transaction fees, global reach, and reduced risk of chargebacks. He provided clear, tangible examples of how Bitcoin could reduce costs and expand its customer base.

During consulting and one-on-one calls with his clients, he set up demonstrations to show how Blockonomics handles real-time transactions and monitoring, highlighting the speed and global reach of Bitcoin payments.

Demonstrating the Ease of Technical Integration

Using Blockonomics’ API, Daniel demonstrates to his clients how seamlessly Bitcoin payments can be integrated into their existing systems. He show the security features and the simplicity of the transaction process which often convinced clients to adopt the technology.

Addressing Security Concerns

Security is a major concern for businesses when adopting new payment methods. With Bitcoin, these concerns include lost payments and vulnerability to theft.  Daniel emphasized Blockonomics’ strong security measures and the autonomy it offers businesses, where they receive payments directly, without intermediaries, reducing fraud risks and enhancing trust.

Highlighting Potential Gains with Bitcoin

He would also alternatively encourage his clients to consider keeping Bitcoin as an investment, which would grow in value with time. Over the past 10 years, Bitcoin has achieved a compound annual return of 64.86%, according to Lazy Portfolio ETF. Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $75,830 on March 14, 2024.

Client Success Stories

The businesses that adopted Bitcoin payments through Blockonomics under Daniel's guidance reported a marked improvement in transaction efficiency and customer reach.

Client One

One notable example is a trading academy that saw increased enrollments from international students, facilitated by the ease of making cross-border payments. They are based in Morocco but are now taking clients from all over the world.

Client Two

Daniel encouraged one of his clients to start accepting Bitcoin with Blockonomics and keep Bitcoin as an investment. They were able to gain a substantial amount of profit when the value of Bitcoin shot up. His client was able to enjoy profits which enabled them to cater to the costs of their business operations.

Client Three

After taking up Daniel’s offer to start accepting Bitcoin using Blockonomics, one of his clients was surprised to see transactions worth thousands of dollars coming in through Bitcoin. He was shocked that some of his customers chose to pay with Bitcoin.

This was completely unexpected as he had doubts that any of his customers would use Bitcoin to pay for his services. He was now finally convinced that it was a worthy investment.

Daniel’s freelance work

Daniel now felt more comfortable taking up clients outside of Nigeria, since he started accepting Bitcoin payments for his work at Chiemelu.Tech. Bitcoin offers assurance that once sent, it is irreversible. He had previously experienced clients who did not pay for the work he did, which made him skeptical of working with clients globally. However, with Bitcoin, he is comfortable taking up clients from all over the world.


For developers looking to expand their service offerings and provide added value to clients, Daniel’s journey serves as a compelling example. He shows how integrating Bitcoin payments can enhance business growth and operational efficiency.

As we wrapped up our conversation with Daniel, he summed up his experience in helping his clients start accepting Bitcoin payments with this:

By embracing Blockonomics, developers can position themselves at the forefront of innovation in e-commerce.

Learn how to start accepting Bitcoin payments on your website today!