How Blockonomics Enabled a Hosting Company to Thrive in Underserved Markets

Discover how WORLDBUS, a hosting company, accepts Bitcoin payments with Blockonomics to establish a customer base in underserved regions

How Blockonomics Enabled a Hosting Company to Thrive in Underserved Markets

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. WORLDBUS stands out for its innovative approach to service delivery in emerging markets. This case study explores how this pioneering hosting company uses strategic market choices and Bitcoin payments with Blockonomics to establish a customer base in underserved regions.

Company Overview

Established in 2021, WORLDBUS has positioned itself as a pioneer by targeting underdeveloped markets in small countries and regions. Their business model focuses on establishing a foothold before larger competitors arrive, allowing them to cultivate a dedicated customer base and build their presence in emerging markets.

By focusing on smaller countries and regions, they have been able to establish a first-mover advantage, creating tailored services that cater specifically to the needs of these areas. It has also facilitated a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within these regions.

Strategic Market Approach

WORLDBUS's strategy involves identifying regions with lower competition and establishing a presence by offering high-quality, reasonably priced services. Their targeted areas typically include countries like Georgia, where they have successfully implemented this strategy and witnessed substantial growth.

Accepting Bitcoin Payments

WORLDBUS embraced Bitcoin payments, motivated by:

  • The desire to provide unique payment solutions to its customers.
  • To take advantage of the favorable Georgian regulations that support crypto revenue.

This initiative not only set WORLDBUS apart from competitors but also attracted a new demographic of clients who prefer or require cryptocurrency transactions.

Finding a Reliable Payment Processor with Blockonomics

Blockonomics has been a key partner in integrating Bitcoin payments for WORLDBUS. They enabled them to handle Bitcoin payments efficiently, with minimal to no hiccups in the past 4 years of their operation. This partnership has ensured reliability and user satisfaction, making them a trusted and valuable partner in WORLDBUS’s growth. Blockonomics reliability has also built its credibility among present and potential customers.

Challenges with Cryptocurrency

Despite the benefits, the adoption of cryptocurrency came with its set of challenges. However, the support from Blockonomics has helped WORLDBUS navigate these challenges effectively, ensuring compliance and continuity in its services.

These are the challenges WORLDBUS experienced when they started to accept cryptocurrency payments:

First Challenge: Lost Payments

There were issues with lost payments through CoinPayments APIs as they started accepting crypto. However, they began using Blockonomics and acknowledged its stability and reliable support, which have prevented similar problems over the past four years.

Second Challenge: Regulations Constantly Changing

The ever-changing nature of crypto regulations is always something they have to constantly adapt to comply with the law. This requires meticulous record keeping as any kind of records may be required of them at any one point, as stated by the regulations. Thankfully, Blockonomics has helped WORLDBUS manage these challenges, by providing records of their transactions.

Third Challenge: A Solution to Global, Borderless Payments

WORLDBUS faces challenges with receiving payments from customers from some countries, leading to a revenue loss of 2-3%. WORLDBUS is actively seeking payment solutions that could bypass these geographical barriers and enable customers to make payments, no matter where they are in the world.

Future of Digital Currencies

WORLDBUS is optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies, predicting increased adoption as access to crypto ATMs and apps expands. They believe that cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, offer essential financial freedom and serve as critical resources in regions where traditional banking is limited or restrictive.


WORLDBUS's journey with Bitcoin payments, supported by Blockonomics, illustrates the potential of Bitcoin on a global scale, especially in markets where the majority are unbanked. By adopting Bitcoin, WORLDBUS diversified its payment methods and positioned itself as a leader in emerging markets. As they continue to navigate the complexities of regulations, their partnership with Blockonomics remains a longstanding partner as they continue their search for new territories to start their business. With the ongoing support from Blockonomics, they are well-equipped to navigate future challenges and opportunities in the hosting industry.

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