Top Digital Products to Sell for Bitcoin — 2021

It really is no doubt that we are living in a digital era. Products and services of various kinds are now available digitally, even…

Top Digital Products to Sell for Bitcoin — 2021

It really is no doubt that we are living in a digital era. Products and services of various kinds are now available digitally, even currency has now taken a digital form.

So, it’s only logical that digital products should allow digital currency as a form of payment.

While there is a plethora of digital products that can be sold online some of the top ones that you can sell for bitcoin, and additionally are in demand and will remain so in the near future are:


For all the creative writers out there, eBooks are a great way to showcase your work, the best part being that you don't have to wait for a publishing agency to approve your work. All you need is a website and your eBook, and you are ready.

What's even better is that it gives you the freedom to accept bitcoin payments for your eBook.

With plenty of website development platforms with custom-made templates, you can get started in no time and without any prior technical knowledge.

You can refer to this guide on how to get started with your eBook website and integrate bitcoin payments into it.


A quintessential product in today's digital age is software. With software interacting with almost every aspect of your life, it is almost impossible to imagine life without it.

The software market is expected to reach a revenue of $825 Trillion by 2026 with an annual growth rate of 7.38%.

Perhaps one of the biggest names in the software space that started accepting bitcoin payments for some of its products is Microsoft.

What's even more interesting is that certain software industries have already opened up to bitcoin and seeing it as a mode of payment is quite common. Some of these include but not limited to are, web hosting, VPN, cloud services.

For any type of software service, there is huge potential and opportunity in accepting bitcoin payments and a lot of companies are starting to realize that.

Online course

Whether you are a skilled entrepreneur, a scientist, an artist, or a financial wiz, sharing your knowledge with the world is always a good idea, and what better way to do so than online courses.

With a growing interest in users from all over the world to access knowledge from experts, creating and selling an online course is a great opportunity.

Unfortunately, most popular online course platforms such as Coursera or Udemy do not support bitcoin payment just yet so you would have to create your own website where you can showcase your course and accept bitcoin payments for it.

Graphic Designs

For all the creative designers out there a great digital product that has and will always be in demand is graphic design. Now, this category can encompass a whole lot of things, including:

  • Fonts
  • Logos
  • Templates
  • Patterns
  • Illustrations
  • Icons
  • Photoshop services
  • Comics & Animation

You can either work as a freelancer and create your designs based on each client's needs or sell pre-made designs and templates, both of which allow you to accept bitcoin payments.

The best option would be for you to create a website and sell your service/product for bitcoin but if you wish to use customized platforms that can work too.


Gaming is one of the hottest industries that will continue to grow in the next few years, it is projected that there are 2.7 billion gamers worldwide and that this industry could be worth $169.7 billion by the end of 2025.

The gaming universe is big and expanding with games that come in all forms and sizes for all demographics and regions.

From mobile apps, online, PC, consoles, there is a vast scope for the type of game that you can create.

And the good news is that the gaming community is more open to cryptocurrency so you can easily accept bitcoin payments for it.


With bitcoin’s growing popularity accepting it as a form of payment can greatly benefit your online business especially if you are selling digital products.

While there is no limit to what you can sell online, some categories do stand out due to their popularity.

For all of you with a creative bone, eBooks, graphic designs are the best options to pursue.

While, anyone with any kind of expertise can create an online course.

And finally, for all the tech savvy coders, software and game is the way to go.