Welcome 2021: New Year, New Beginnings

2020 has finally come to an end and what a year it has been. A year that left a permanent mark on this world and rightfully earned its…

Welcome 2021: New Year, New Beginnings

2020 has finally come to an end and what a year it has been. A year that left a permanent mark on this world and rightfully earned its place in the history books.

The global health crisis took a massive toll on human life, the economy, and the livelihood of millions of people worldwide.

With a greater emphasis on health, flexible online work, digital lifestyle, it seems like 2020 brought with it a renaissance or ‘a great reset’.

As we all begin our journies into a new year we are given an opportunity for a fresh start and hopefully put the past behind us.

What are some of the new resolutions that you have set for 2021?

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

New Year Resolutions


One cannot emphasize enough the importance of health and the pandemic has made that more clear than ever.

While a majority of the workforce is adjusting to the new normal of working from home, it is easy to ignore one's body in the process. Just as your work, your health needs to a priority for your personal well-being.

Diet: What you eat is what you become’, a popular saying that very well showcases the importance of a healthy diet in one's life.

It is highly beneficial to create a well-balanced diet plan that encompasses all your body's nutritious needs.

Aim for organic and locally sourced products that are environmentally friendly.

Exercise: An important part of keeping your immune system up and running is a robust exercise regime.

You do not need to devote hours to exercise but do try to give 30 minutes — 4 days a week to it.

Mental health: Often overlooked but distinctly important, mental health is something that is not talked about by many.

A global health catastrophe that forced the whole world to live in a lockdown is catalyst enough to affect anyone's mental health.

Do make sure to keep your mental health in check.


2020 bought the world of travel to a standstill. With the world itching to get back on the road, travel seems to be high up on everyone's list of things to do in 2021.

While we cannot expect travel to go back to its pre-pandemic state overnight, it is expected that travel would bounce back this year with many regions easing up on restrictions.

Do make sure to follow all safety measures and precautions.

Online Work

As we see the shift of the global workforce to a more online one, working towards creating productive habits to complement this new lifestyle can be highly beneficial.

You need to decide what works best for you and work towards it. You could give your home office workspace a makeover or read a book on how to be more productive at home, or something else.


Bitcoin entered 2021 on a bull run reaching new all-time highs. This could be a very exciting year for bitcoin and cryptocurrency as we see increased interest among people and investors.

Whether it's diversifying your portfolio or learning more about it, cryptocurrency should definitely be part of your new year goals.

Closing Remarks

2021 brings with it a chance for a new beginning and it is upon us to make the best of it.

No one really knows for certain how this year will pan out but one can always do whatever they can in their own ways to create a better tomorrow for oneself and for the world.

Let us know your new year's resolution in the comments below…

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year!