Abortion Clinics: Start Accepting Crypto

Abortion Clinics: Start Accepting Crypto

The Supreme Court of the United States on Friday June 24th decided to overturn a piece of settled law that has been in place for over 40 years. Because of this, millions of women now live in states where abortion is illegal or highly restricted. Stories of women suddenly having to scramble to get out of state to have abortions for life threatening illnesses are dominating the air waves as states are ramping up their prosecutors to enforce their new laws.

The Supreme Court Justices as of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization

Women will still get abortions though, many still have to get abortions. If you run an abortion clinic, are an abortion doctor, or are a woman needing an abortion in a state that has criminalized it, you should use Bitcoin or other crypto. This will keep you safe(r) from the prying hands of the states wanting to prosecute you.

As red states move to enforce their abortion trigger laws, women are going to need to cover their tracks to get the abortions they need. Many states have pledge to be very aggressive in prosecuting abortions. One area they will look to is medical records, subpoenaing doctors to get the records of women who have an abortion after the laws come into effect. But if they can't get easy access to that, they will start to look into payment records. Financial institutions, banks, and credit card companies have complied in the past with such subpoenas, although up to now they've generally been things like terrorists. But because of that history, financial institutions will find it hard to not comply, even if they don't want to and it isn't popular. You can't trust them.

Doctors who perform abortions need to start accepting Bitcoin, even if they are in a state that legally allows abortions. As red states get bolder, they will try to go after women who cross state lines, and they will look at the financial records to prove they received an abortion. Bitcoin however, is anonymous enough. It will be hard for states to prove that a particular wallet is owned by an abortion doctor or clinic.

This is what law enforcement can see

There is no place to subpena a Bitcoin transaction. If you use a proper wallet and not an exchange to send and recieve the Bitcoin it can go a long way to increasing your privacy. It won't be perfect, but it can help. If you're an abortion provider, especailly near a red state that has a trigger law or is about to pass a new law banning abortion, set up some kind of crypto payment now. Provide documentation for women seeking abortions on how to pay in Bitcoin. Its easy, it can be as simple as creating a payment link. If you need help in setting one up, contact us, we'll be happy to assist.

Another area crypto can be made useful is ecommerce stores selling abortion pills. States are going to be trying hard to (illegally) crack down on the interstate commerce of abortion pills which will be flooding the market soon enough. States will again try to force financial institutions' hands to make them reveal financial transactions with ecommerce stores selling such pills. Bitcoin makes it harder for those transactions to be tracked down. If you're setting up a shop to sell abortion pills, set up a Bitcoin payment processor. You'll be doing a service to the women needing to use your store.

Bitcoin can help uphold liberty where the highest court in the US has failed. While other countries have been recognizing that abortion is a matter between a woman and her doctor, the United states has stepped back 40 years. The right to privacy may be damaged in the supposed "freeest" country on earth, but it isn't dead. We all have to fight against the tyranny, and Bitcoin can and should join that fight. It might save a lot of women from anguish.