Interview with David (Teeshop Ghana) — Selling Tees for Bitcoin

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with David the founder of Teeshop Ghana. Teeshop Ghana sells a lot of great Tshirts and ships them throughout the country. They have lots of great designs, and a great message they are trying to share with the world. They also accept Bitcoin, thanks to its usefulness in dealing with currency conversions and fast transactions. You can watch the full interview here:

We had a fascinating conversation that touched on a lot of topics. I learned how Teeshop Ghana supplies its t-shirts, we talked about expansion of the website, and discussed how its hard to get reliable shipping in Ghana. Bitcoin was also discussed at length, as we looked into how Bitcoin is helping Teeshop Ghana deal with currency conversions and how they’re working to try to educate Ghanaians in Bitcoin. David also told me Ghana should be on my list of countries to visit!

Check out the interview, I think you’ll enjoy it. Watch it above, or find it in podcast form on Spotify or your normal podcast provider.