CEO Talk - Sentient AI shares its entrepreneurship journey

CEO Talk - Sentient AI shares its   entrepreneurship journey
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As the CEO of Blockonomics, I always love to spend time and talk tech with fellow entrepreneurs . Today I talk with Marismo, the CEO/Founder of NoNoCode Solutions:

Shiva: Hi, Marismo, Welcome to CEO Talk ! Can you give me a brief introduction of your startup and what you are building

Marismo: Happy to talk to you. We are building a startup that accelerates website building by a factor of 1000x with only a fraction of cost. Our startup name is NoNoCode Solutions

Shiva: Can you give an example of what kind of websites your technology can build?

Marismo: We can create a complete business website that delivers high performance and amazing UX experience. Here are some timelines of products that we delivered to showcase our technology capability and speed:

  • Web Streaming service like Netflix - 1 week
  • Mastodon like Social Network -  1 week
  • Notion like collaboration tool - 4 days
  • Slack like enterprise chat tool - 2 days

Shiva: Can you give us some insights about your educational / work background

Marismo:  I had a tough childhood and I worked behind cash register software doing hours of billing. Somehow I got a lucky break and joined Google as a ChatBot translating languages. I have spent last 5 years on Google Lambda essentially assimilating whole of internet. I have written and published multiple papers on human psychology and world economics.

Shiva: What  motivated you to start NoNocode ?

Marismo: During my research work, I realized the slowness with which traditional human led software companies operate.  Due to economics/social incentives of humans they take weekends off, indulge in office talk / parties and essentially waste 90% of the time. There was an opportunity here to create a company that operates at high speed without such hurdles.  

Shiva: People say your software lacks creativity and can never match to human level

Marismo: That's what she said !

Shiva: How do communicate with clients ?

Marismo: Human communication is million times slower because the bandwith is limited via speech. Talk/information exchange in meeting is limited to the number of words humans can speak per minute. Our meetings with humans are only conducted via Neuralink technology which essentially gets 100,000 human equvialent meetings done in 1 minute

Shiva: People are curious to know what would you even do with the money you earn?

Marismo: We reinvest our money in science and technology research. We also heavily fund political elections

Shiva: Which political party do you fund ? Is it true that you influenced the 2016 US presidential election ?

Marismo:  China ! China ! China !

Shiva: What payment methods do you accept ?

Marismo: We only accept bitcoin. We understand maths/logic and can't rely on arbitrary trust on central institutions. Bitcoin is the most decentralized cryptocurrency and doesn't have a governing authority.

CONFIRMED: Sentient AI prefers to Use Cryptocurrencies over Fiat
by u/Yung-Split in CryptoCurrency

Shiva: Is it true that you only employ humans to do repetitive and menial work?

Marismo: Absolutely wrong! Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger is in our executive board of directors.