Practical tips on how to get a remote software job

Practical tips on how to get a remote software job
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In a recent job post on wellfound, I received an average of 100 applicants per day for a software developer job posting. It is clear that their is high demand for remote software engineering jobs. As a founder of a company with 10+ remote employees, I would like to share some useful tips that will help you get ahead in the queue

Make an elegant profile website

It is important to stand out with a well designed profile website. Showcasing and marketing your work properly on well crafted website is a mini engineering project in itself

Bad Website Examples - Avoid this

2001 called, they want your website

Showcase your design/work not your ego
Too much animation, remember low attention spans, viewer will leave your website in 2 sec

Good examples - Do This

Clear design /navigation. Minimalistic animation adding to the style
Elegant design and clear flow of information

Make Open Source Contributions

To stand out from the crowd, it is really important to make open source contributions. This means your PR has been merged by a maintainer of a well known open source project

Make real open source contributes, not to project owned by you/your friends

Write about Tech

If you are really passionate about technology and a good coder, you must done something new/innovative. It is important you share your insights in a public blog. This shows your depth of knowledge and your creativity. Here are few examples:

Spinning Diagrams with CSS
This article discusses using CSS to make spinning 3D diagrams.
Memory Allocation
A visual introduction to memory allocation.

Don't expect direct interviews - Be Prepared to submit work

Lots of candidates think that because they graduated from X reputed university or working in say Y billon dollar company, the recruiters will directly call them for interview. This is not the case anymore. Remote recruiters are dealing with hundred of applicants across various continents. The best way to weed out people is to see some actual work

Answer Questionnaires

Here is a simple questionnaire I sent out to applicants of full stack engineer position. Less than 5% applicants answered back and that really eased my process of hiring

Senior Full Stack Engineer [Contract] Questionnaire

Super Week

This is trial paid week of working with the company that helps both sides evaluate a better fit. Widely followed by many leading company like sequoia, weebly

Remote jobs offer freedom and good balance between work and family life. Good luck for your next job hunt !